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Welcome to Neural Net Forecasting ...

Welcome to the interdisciplinary Information Portal and Knowledge Repository on the Application of Artificial Neural Networks for Forecasting - or neural forecasting - where we hope to provide information on everything you need to know for a neural forecast or neural prediction. We seek to unite information on neural network forecasting, spread across various disciplines of intelligent time series analysis and time series prediction with neural nets, intelligent demand planning in Operations Management, predictive analytics and temporal data mining using computational intelligence and theoretical research on neural networks in artificial intelligence. Please follow the structure below or on the left to find the information you seek ...


Corporate, Research ...


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Our mission ...

We attempt to organise these pages by evaluating potential information on neural networks for forecasting and identifying the most relevant, in order to allow efficient and effective structuring of information. We hope to thereby transfer information into knowledge, given the application domain of forecasting with neural networks at hand. This implies subjective weighting of individual information, and induces biases which we hope to eliminate through communication within the community. In order to balance personal bias with objectivity, you will find all (that we have been made aware of) relevant links within the subcategories in pages further down the tree structure. We hope this allows aggregated gathering of data plus allows individuals to drill down for information.

These webpages are aimed at people who want practical advice and comprehensive overview on research on neural networks for forecasting. As these webpages are something of a neural forecasting FAQ, reading list and a summary of the state of thttp://www.neural-forecasting-competition.com/he art, we try to avoid duplicating of information on general neural network issues that is already found in the excellent NN FAQ at SAS Institute by W.S. Sarle. In following D.Tveter's website, we are leaving it to the curator of the NN FAQ to list general books and software on NN.

... is to provide you with all you need to know on how to forecast with neural nets!

Your support ...

We welcome comments, suggestions & regular contributions  ...  Please feel free to make suggestions regarding structure & contents, add personal information and disseminate your view on neural forecasting in this open community.  For information contact add-info@neural-forecasting.com

We welcome your input and feedback while we extend these pages. We have recently added interactive forums, FAQs, discussion boards and mailing lists. Please find the quick links below ... (-> Community)

... please contribute!


NN3 Forecasting Competition

SAS & the IIF are supporting a large scale neural network & computational intelligence forecasting competition of 111 time series to be conducted for 8 months from 06/2006-06/2007 [more]

 ... [more news]


Important Upcoming Events



NN3 Competition
International Conference on Data Mining in Las Vegas, with tracks on Business Intelligence and Forecasting [more]

IJCNN 2007
Highly regarded NN conference in Orlando, Florida, with over 1000 papers presented and a regular NN forecasting track. [more]

DMIN 2007

DMIN 2007
International Conference on Data Mining in Las Vegas, with tracks on Business Intelligence and Forecasting [more]

ISF 2007 (IIF)
Possibly the most relevant conference for forecasting and possibly also for NN forecasting. 2007 with dedicated NN track.  [more]

... [more events]


Free Neural Network CD-ROM Starter-Kit

 We have collected a range of neural network software programs suitable to simulating neural networks for forecasting applications in regression & classification. The CD-Rom includes over 20+ freeware, public domain as well as fully functional demos of the top commercial software packages, a selection of time series data for immediate experiments as well as a collection of relevant references and publicly available publications to allow a head start in neural forecasting.

The CD-Rom includes the following software packages (fully functional / demo):     

Commercial Software Packages (ff/demo)Public Domain Software Packages (ff)
  • Alyuda Forecaster

  • Alyuda Forecaster XL

  • Alyuda NeuroIntelligence

  • Alyuda NeuroSignalXL

  • Attrasoft Predictor

  • CPC-X Neural Power

  • CPC-X Auto2Fit

  • NeuralPlanner EasyNN Plus

  • NeuralPlanner NeuralPlanner

  • NeuroDimensions NueroSolution

  • NIBS NeuroForecaster

  • Promised Land Braincell

  • Ward Systems NeuroShell Predictor

  • ...

  • LSIIT NeuroWin

  • Neil Frasier Brainbox

  • NeuraLab Predict

  • NNSYSID Mathlab Toolbox

  • Phil Brierley TiberiusXL

  • Uni Stuttgart SNNS

  • Uni Stuttgart JNNS

  • ...


Please read more on how to obtain the free CD ... [here]


Hosts of neural forecasting


This website is hosted by the Centre for Forecasting at the Department of Management Science at Lancaster University, the Institute of Information Systems at Hamburg University and B IS-lab, the Laboratory of Business Intelligence in Information System, a joint research centre spanning various university institutes.

We hope to disseminate information on the research and application of Artificial Neural Networks in Forecasting, Prediction, Demand Planning and Temporal Data Mining.

Although our main emphasis and expertise focuses on the corporate Business domain, we hope to create a multi- and interdisciplinary forum for all disciplines working with ANNs in forecasting. We support NON-PROFIT oriented projects through primary research, consultancy and teaching / coaching. More information ... [here]

For personal information and publications please consult the homepage of of Sven F Crone.

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