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Neural Forecasting News


NN3 Forecasting Competition

SAS & the IIF are supporting a large scale neural network & computational intelligence forecasting competition of 111 time series to be conducted for 8 months from 06/2006-06/2007 [more]

ISF'06 NN Competition Extension

The ISF'06 neural network forecasting competition (organised by Chris Dawson et al.) on river flood forecasting has extended the deadline for submission of results! [more]

ISF'06 NN Forecasting Competition

The ISF'06 conference will host a forecasting competition for neural networks (organised by Chris Dawson et al.) on river flood forecasting! [more]

EVIC Forecasting Tutorial online

The slides of Sven Crone's recent tutorial on "Forecasting with Neural Networks" held at the EVIC'05 IEEE Summer School in Computational Intelligence in Santiago de Chile  are now online.  Apologies for the delay! [more]

ICAI'05 Pictures online

The pictures from the 2005 ICAI special session on "Computational Intelligence for Business Intelligence" are finally online. Apologies for the delay! [more]

Call for Papers

We request expressions of interest for a publication "Advances in Neural Networks for Forecasting" to be published in the prestigious series "Advances in Compu-tational Intelligence" by Springer in 2006. The official call for papers will go out shortly. If you are interested, pls send email to
sven dot crone (at) neural-forecasting dot com [more]

ISF'05 Post-Conference Information

The 2005 ISF website will be hosted on this webportal. We invite all participants of the 7 sessions on neural net forecasting to submit their presentations online 

ISF'05 Conference on Neural Forecasting

The 2005 ISF has received a large number of neural network submissions, resulting in 7 consecutive sessions of over 30 presentations on neural forecasting, making the largest focussed conference this year!

see the ISF'05 Call for Papers

ISF'05 Neural Forecasting Competition Closed

The deadline for the 2005 ISF neural networks for forecasting track and forecasting competition has passed. Thank you for participating!

see the ISF'05 Call for Papers

IC-AI'05 Session on Business Intelligence

The 2005 International conference on Artificial Intelligence, Las Vegas, will include a special session dedicated to business applications with neural networks and other soft computing methods.
ee the IC-AI'05 Call for Papers

DMIN'05 Session on neural Data Mining

The 2005 International conference on Data Mining , Las Vegas, will include a special session dedicated to business applications including neural networks and other soft computing methods.
ee the DMIN'05 Call for Papers

ICANN'05 Forecasting Competition cancelled?

The 2005 ICANN competition may not include a special forecasting competition. No official statement has been made ... but you may need to rethink your conference schedule!

ISF'05 Neural Forecasting Competition

The 2005 ISF conference, San Antonio, will host a forecasting competition for neural networks.

Please contribute !!!

ISF'05 Special Track on Neural Forecasting
The 2004 ISF conference will feature a dedicated track focussed entirely on the application of NN in forecasting. S.Crone of Lancaster university was appointed chair of the session. The official call for Papers is here ... ISF'05 Call for Papers.

More information may be found here ... [more]

ICANN'05 Forecasting Competition - revisited

A new chair of the recently announced time series prediction at the 2005 ICANN conference has been announced. The competition will be hosted by Amaury Lendasse, who already chaired the 2004 IJCNN competition on time series
prediction / missing value reconstruction. Dr Lendasse has not officially confirmed the appointment nor disclosed any details of the competition.

More information may be found ... [more]

CATS forecasting competition attracts 22 teams
The last Competition on Time Series Prediction for NN CATS attracted 22 teams & different CI approaches. Info on the specific setup of this competition as a "missing value reconstruction"  & final results are now available. Please see competitions under the data section

More information may be found ... [here]

ICANN Forecasting Competition in doubt
The announced chair of a forecasting competition at the ICANN 2005 conference seems to be flawed, as the person named to to host the session has confirmed. We will attempt to keep you posted ...


SAS research grant in Neural Forecasting
Prof. G.P. Zhang received an IIF / SAS research grant to pursue research on the prediction on trended time series with artificial neural networks.


Australian telecommunications company to use ANN Fraud detection
October 20, 2003
Telestra Corp. Ltd. will use the neural network system from Fair Isaac to search for fraudulent transactions among its 10 million household, business and wholesale customers in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.


Neuronlogic activeX neural network software for data analysis
September 17, 2002
Open xposure - n-Logic Core is being used for specific Risk Analysis for insurance purposes within Intech's Open xposure product.


22000 dreams of Forecasting?
Recent analysis of an unprecedented data set of 22,000 dreams at Newport Neuroscience Center in San Marcos, CA USA, suggests that the purpose of dreaming may be to preview future events that might occur. Newport Neuroscience Center in San Marcos, CA was established in 1974 to perform basic research into the future of the human brain, and is led by director David Alan Goodman, Ph.D.. Hisposition paper can be found on Google search engine: Intelligent and Feeling Machines (Pournelle website).


Results of CATS Competition online
The last Competition on Artificial Time Series Prediction - or better "missing value reconstruction" found participation by 22 teams & different CI approaches. Information & final results are ... here
SAS Grant awarded to Prof. Zhang to study Forecasting of trended time series
Detailed information coming soon ...

Non Neural Forecasting related News

Neural Networks used for detecting and treating Scoliosis
July 17, 2004
Calgary researchers working together to develop a high-tech imaging system for detecting and treating of scoliosis – a mysterious spinal condition that affects about one out of every 200 people, especially children using Neural Networks.
DARPA to use Neural Networks for target recognition
July 09, 2004
Irvine Sensors Wins DARPA Competition for 3D Integrated Circuits Process Technology Development, using ultra high performance neural networks for target recognition and tracking.
Neural Networks used as artificial nose
April 27, 2004
Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com) has announced the addition of Advances in Technologies to their offering to analyze more than 40 flavors and aromas using Neural Networks.
Neural Networks Help Make Sense of Pediatric Brain Tumor Data
March 17, 2004
In one of the first large-scale diagnostic applications of neural networks, researchers at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago are using neural net algorithms to evaluate brain tumors in children. Hospital researchers have found that the algorithms can help them search for gene-expression patterns in microarray data of tumor samples in order to determine appropriate treatment.
Search engine takes aim at Google using Neural Networks
March 03, 2004
An Australian company plans to tackle Google's stranglehold on the domestic Web searching market. The company, Mooter.com , claims it will differentiate itself by offering 'users a more intelligent and 'humanised' approach to finding information' in a grab for the growing online search market.
The University of Sunderland mimics human brain using ANN
January 18, 2004
The team, led by Professor Stefan Wermter, focused on the practical use of visual recognition and navigation. The award winning Robot had been trained through the use of neural networks to approach and grasp an object.
ISU researchers make artificial neural network discovery
December 1, 2003
Idaho State University computer science researchers recently discovered a new algorithm to help train artificial neural networks used by industries.
Apicta competing for IT awards
November 18, 2003
Apicta and its neural network and fuzzy logic based SmartScan application competes in the Education and Training category among 120 other nominees for regional IT award.
Exametric uses NN in the Next- Generation Workforce Management Solution
November 13, 2003
Exametric today announced the release of Click2Staff 4.0, a significant enhancement to its Workforce Management Suite that includes patent- pending Neural Network and Pattern Recognition technologies and algorithms that deliver improved scheduling functionality, speed, and ease of use.
ANN used on EEG Brain Cap to Detect Musical Creativity
October 23, 2003
computer music research group at the University of Plymouth, England reported up to 99 percent accuracy in recognizing specific electroencephalogram patterns for musical ideas using a 128-electrode EEG brain cap with signal- processing algorithms including three neural networks.
Privacyware White Paper on ANN Approach to Threat Prevention & Security Data Analysis
October 15, 2003
Privacyware, a provider of advanced threat prevention and security intelligence solutions, today announced the availability of a white paper that discusses neural and data mining approaches to security data analysis.
Neural Networks in Microsoft Outlook
October 13, 2003
"A new version of Microsoft Outlook makes it harder for spammers and scammers to invade users' computers through their e-mail. The new junk-mail filter uses a neural decision engine to train itself to recognize spam..
E-mail Policy Management & Content Filtering usign ART
October 12, 2003
SurfControl and Omniva Partner to offer Enhanced E-mail Security and Content Control to Meet
Compliance Requirements. SurfControl uses Adaptive Reasoning Technology (ART) for challenge of content filtering.
Revolutionary "Artificial Brain" Neural Network Computer Goes Online
September 30, 2003
Artificial Development, Inc. today announced that it has completed assembly of the first functional portion of a prototype of CCortex™, a 20-billion neuron emulation of the human cortex, which it will use to build a next-generation artificial intelligence system.
Neural-Network Technology Moves into the Mainstream
August 7, 2003
Real-time data mining -- powered by neural-network technology -- has begun to remake the way large corporations manage customer accounts. The technology has been helping companies gain deep insight into customer purchasing patterns.
Think Factory 2.0 offers neural network APIs
July 30, 2003
10191 Technologies announces the new release The Think Factory 2.0, a set of value added neural network engines for Mac OS X developers.
Wheelchair moves at the speed of thought
July 24, 2003
A non-invasive neural network that is designed to read minds could give freedom of movement to everyone.
Neural network for protein research
July 21, 2003
Agilent Technologies teams-up with Battelle Memorial Institute to develop an artificial neural network technology for protein research
PS2 Neural Network Simulator
May 16, 2002
PS2Neural is low-level framework to support running neural networks, optimized for the PS2's hardware (Hebbian-like and error-corrector/backprop). Some ps2neural developers are also interested in developing visualization plugins using the GS.

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