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Page & Branch Summary
On these pages you will find information & links on associations. Wish to add something to this portal ? Link exchange only in NN & forecasting sites! Send info, links etc. to add-info@neural-forecasting.com 


Influential Associations for Neural Network Forecasting

A variety of associations are relevant in the domain of Forecasting with Artificial Neural Networks. Forecasting competitions, research, applications and publications are often initiated and discussed within the technical & method based Neural Network associations as well as by the application focussed forecasting associations. Detailed links are given below and on the Left ... ordered by subjective rank.

IEEENNS logo. Go to IEEE Neural Networks Society

IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (IEEE CI, NNS)
The IEEE NNS, previously called the IEEE Neural Network Council, coordinates work in the field of Neural Networks carried out throughout the IEEE. The field of interest of the Council and its activities and programs shall be the theory, design, application and development of biologically and linguistically motivated computational paradigms emphasizing neural networks. The IEEE CI organises the largest annual conferences, attracting the most prominent researchers. Its membership offers fully access to NN relevant proceeding through IEEE XPlore.

International Institute for Forecasters (IIF)
The IIF is an organisation of practitioners and researchers, although research initiative seems  to dominate many conferences and publications. However, they publish a most relevant journal, regularly hold conferences including tracks on neural forecasting and seek to disseminate knowledge across disciplinary boundaries through networking and principles. Their work and publications follow high scientific rigor - so you may trust their publications more than others in the field

International Neural Network Society (INNS)
Association of scientists, engineers, students, and others seeking to learn about and advance our understanding of the modelling of behavioural and brain processes, and the application of neural modelling concepts to technological problems.
They publish the journal "Neural Networks" and often jointly organise conferences with the IEEE CI/NNS society.

European Neural Network Society (ENNS)
The ENNS is an association of scientists, engineers, students, and others seeking to learn about and advance our understanding of the modelling of behavioural and brain processes and to apply neural modelling concepts to problems relevant in many different domains.
They regularly organise the ICANN conference (often joint with the IEEE & ENNS conference) , often including a forecasting competition and publish the journal "Neural Networks".

Institute of Business Forecasting (IBF)
The official (!!!) text:
"The Institute of Business Forecasting (IBF) is recognized worldwide as the premier full-service provider of forecasting, demand planning, and supply chain research and services geared primarily to practitioners. The IBF is known for their certification program, which includes Certified Professional Forecaster (CPF), and Advanced Certified Professional Forecaster (ACPF) designations.  It is also a membership organization representing a global group of industry professionals from well known companies.  IBF Members receive the flagship publication, the Journal of Business Forecasting, the only journal catered to practitioners, written primarily by practitioners since 1981.  The IBF trains and educates over 1000 people each year through its established global conferences, workshops, seminars, and in-house training.  Itís proud to have an ever growing network of accomplished professionals in businesses, responsible for improving forecast accuracy, and consequently, the bottom line."

The IBF is a forecasting association focussing purely on forecasting practitioners and their problems in the business domain. They hold regular conferences on Forecasting in the Supply Chain issues for practitioners, which rarely include reference to neural forecasting. In addition, they organise 2 yearly tutorials for all aspects of forecasting, including a regular tutorial on neural networks for practitioners, and the publish a journal with occasional NN papers.


We believe that alternative differentiations, e.g. by international versus local associations may also prove necessary, to enrol in national and even regional cooperative projects in research or applications. Therefore please find the links ordered alternatively on the left.


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