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A variety of helpfull resources is availabel on the www, including websites and newsgroups. Without a more thorough understanding, one may avoid weblogs and newsgroups, as the pure amount of information may prove overwhelming.


Mainly, focus on the NN FAQ of the comp.ai.neural-nets newsgroup hosted by SAS and W.S.Sarle. From my opinion, this is your first, foremost and one-stop source to reliable information. Stick to it ...



For online questions on neural networks for forecasting your first source should be the mailinglist on neural forecasting on this server.

For general queries regarding neural networks, you may consider the newsgroup news.comp.ai.neural-ets hosted by various news-servers on the web, e.g.

Server hostname? Articles? Days? Last post? Posting? Groups? Speed? Added? Verified Comments
news.epidc.co.kr (rate!) 1842 (2K avg.) 259 27 days No 9441 36.57 K/sec 2001-01-14 27 days 2 (rate!) 1830 (2K avg.) 259 23 days No 9440 36.57 K/sec 2001-01-12 24 days 1 comment (so-so) 1774 (2K avg.) 165 26 days No 31335 24.86 K/sec 2004-07-28 26 days 10
freetext.usenetserver.com (so-so) 1250 (2K avg.) 108 23 days No 30248 22.18 K/sec 2004-06-16 24 days 5

The NN newsgroup archive since 1997 is hosted by Google, the old NN newsgroup archive of 1994-1997 at Carnegie Melons dept. of Computer Science.


Mailinglists - Neural Networks - not Neural Forecasting related!


  • Cellular Neural Networks Mailing list : cells@tce.ing.uniroma1.it.Subscriptions to: cells-rq@tce.ing.uniroma1.it. Cellular Neural Networks (CNN) is a massive parallel computing paradigm defined in discrete N-dimensional spaces.
  • comp-neuro - Computational neuroscience mailing list, at California Institute of Technology.

  • Connectionists - Information about this restricted Listserv mailing list.

  • The Hybrid Models: Learning and Architectures mailing list. Information and ideas regarding hybrid models, especially models integrating symbolic and connectionist processes. Other hybrid models, such as fuzzy logic+neural networks and GA+NN, are also covered. Subscription: email listproc@cs.ua.edu, with NO SUBJECT, but a one-line text message SUBSCRIBE hybrid-list YourFirstName YourLastName. Placed at the University of Alabama.

  • INTCON - Moderated mailing list set up to provide a forum for communication and exchange of ideas among researchers in neuro-control, fuzzy logic control, reinforcement learning and other related subjects grouped under the topic of intelligent control. Subscription requests to intcon-request@phoenix.ee.unsw.edu.au.

  • NEL: The Neuron Emulation List Subscription: email nel-request@ucsd.edu or listserv@ucsd.edu, with the message subscribe nel.

  • NEURO1-L (Neuroscience Information Exchange Forum) To subscribe send e-mail to listserv@uicvm.uic.edu.

  • Neuron Digest Deals with all aspects of neural networks (and any type of network or neuromorphic system). To subscribe, send email to neuron-request@cattell.psych.upenn.edu. Digested in comp.ai.neural-nets.

  • NEURON Mailing List Concerns the NEURON simulator.

  • Rule Extraction from Artificial Neural Networks - If you are interested in becoming a subscriber to this list please send the following information to robert@fit.qut.edu.au: name, organisation/institution, e-mail address.

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