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Neural Regression Applications in the Business Domain


  • Forecast demand of airline flights
    author: BehavHeuristics Inc.
  • Predicting sales of soft drinks
    author: Britvic
  • Electrical load forecasting
    author: Bayernwerk AG
  • Energy demand forecasting
    author: Britvic
  • Short and long-term load estimation
    author: Pacific Gas & Electric
  • Predicting gas index prices
    author: Northern Natural Gas


Neural Classification Applications in the Business Domain

  • Finance
    • Prediction of risky loans
      author: Adaptive Decision Systems
    • Bond portfolio management
      author: Econostat Ltd.
    • Manage cattle futures trading
      author: Gerber Baby Foods
    • Pension fund management
      author: John Deere & Company
    • Mutual fund management
      author: LBS Capital Management Inc.
    • Common stock valuation
      url: http://www.walkrich.com/
    • Forecasting credit worthiness
      author: Chase Financial Technologies
    • Mortgage underwriting and risk-management
      author: HNC Software


      !!! BEWARE !!! These are companies that are claiming they can crack the stock market with neural networks, however, very few of them are rich .... think about it. Some may however become wealthy from providing you with their software ...

      • Eventus-Traders www.eventus-traders.com
        Trading recommendations based upon NN recommendations of past values and indicators.


  • Marketing
    • Determine which customers should receive catalogs
      author: NeuralWare
    • Finding the connection between the sales of diapers and beer
      author: US supermaket chain


  • Quality Assurance & Control
    • Beer testing
      author: Anheuser-Busch
    • Purity testing, Pulp wash detection
      author: Florida Department of Citrus
    • Quality control of potato chips
      author: Frito-Lay
    • Loudspeaker defect classifications
      author: CTS Electronics
    • Tire testing
      author: Dunlop
    • Computer chip manufacturing quality control
      author: Intel
    • Predicting quality of plastics
      author: Monsanto
    • Welding quality control
      author: Netrologic, Inc.
    • Predicting quality of paper
      author: NLK Application: Celpap
    • Diesel knock testing, paint inspection
      author: Volvo


  • Real Estate
  • Fraud Detection
    • Credit card fraud detection
      author: HNC Software
      url: http://www.hnc.com/prodsps.htm
    • Identify deviations in spending habits
      author: MasterCard / Visa
    • Signature verification from checks
      author: NeuroMetric Vision System Inc.
  • Energy
    • Dam-displacement prediction
      author: Tauernkraftwerke


A detailed list of applications is provided on http://www.calsci.com/Applications.html


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